How to Use the Virtual Platform

How to Use the Virtual Platform

Wondering how to navigate the IPVC 2021 Virtual Conference platform? We’re here to guide you through!

Watch the extended ”How-to” video to get familiar with all the available features of the Virtual Platform and find out how to make your way around.

If you have any questions or issues, don’t hesitate to contact our technical support via the chat, accessible through the platform during the live Conference days.

Enter the IPVC 2021 Virtual Conference platform

  • Go to the virtual conference login page
  • Type in the login credentials you received via email (you must have a valid registration, to get access to the platform. All registered participants will receive their login details via email a few days before the Conference)
  • Click on “Sign in”
  • If you’re having trouble logging in, please contact us at

Please note – The IPVC virtual platform will be accessible from 15 November 2021. Please do not sign in before this time as you will not have access to the platform.

Start exploring!

  • After successfully logging in, you will arrive at the ‘home screen’ or the outside of the 34th International Papillomavirus Conference venue – the External Lobby. Click on ”Enter Here” to go to the Internal Lobby.
  • Once you enter the Internal Lobby, you can navigate around the entire virtual venue.
  • Clicking on screens and tabs will take you to other parts of the platform. You can also navigate via items in the top menu bar.
  • Enjoy scientific and industry sessions, visit the networking lounge, scroll around the booths in the virtual exhibition, and so much more. Enjoy your virtual journey!

Boost your Virtual Conference experience in 4 steps

Be Prepared
As you would plan your trip to the event, similarly, prepare your virtual attendance in advance. Block your calendar, schedule the sessions you want to view, especially the live ones, organize some time for networking and interaction.

Be Present
It is time to learn. Now that the event is taking place, do as you would if you were in the meeting hall – mute your phone and all other notifications, take a seat in a quiet area and dive into the latest news in your field.

Be Engaged
There is so much to do at a virtual Conference. Make sure you are aware of all platform tools – Q&A in real time, chat rooms, live and semi-live sessions, live workshops, e-Poster presentations and more. It is time to meet everyone – responsibly.

Be Curious
The good news is that you don’t have to block a few full days for the event. Balance the information