“Onsite” Instructions for Presenters and Moderators

“Onsite” Instructions for Presenters and Moderators


IPVC 2021 sessions may be fully live, live Q&A or on-demand on the virtual meeting platform.

Fully Live:

Speakers and moderators will be live-streamed to the audience in real-time as scheduled in the program. These sessions may have Q&A from the audience and other interactive features. All plenary sessions and workshops as well as many featured sessions are fully live.

Pre-recorded with Live Q&A:

An introduction and the speakers’ presentations have been pre-recorded and these will be streamed for the audience to view as scheduled in the program. The moderators and speakers will be live-streamed into the session as the recordings end so that the moderator may introduce them and the Q&A may begin. All oral sessions are pre-recorded with live Q&A.


Some sessions are available on-demand from the start of the conference to be seen whenever suits a delegate’s personal schedule.
Many Special Interest Satellite Symposia will be on-demand. In addition, all sessions that have taken place live will be available on-demand within 24 hours.


Sessions have been assigned moderators to lead the introductions, discussion, addressing of questions from the audience and any interactive features as necessary. IPVC moderators will set the scene in the session with a short introduction to welcome the audience and introduce the session and its speakers either recorded or live. If speakers in their session are presenting live then they will facilitate a flow between presentations. Following any presentations, moderators may invite comments/questions from the audience via the Q&A feature as well as create stimulating discussion. The aim is to educate through engagement of audience participation and conversation that brings out the highlights of the lectures and/or topic. Moderator will try to disperse discussion time evenly among the speakers and will ensure that the session ends on time.


• Enter the Zoom link in the calendar invite sent by the conference organizers to meet the technician, test audio/visual and be briefed for going live.
• Participants will be able to submit written questions to the speakers via the Q&A feature (on the right side of the screen for the audience) from the beginning of the session while they view the lectures. The incoming questions from the audience will appear in the Q&A feature link called “Slido”.
o The technician will share this link with the session moderators.
o The link may be opened in a browser (easier if you have 2 screens) or on your phone/tablet.
• Technician will cue that you are going live. Moderators should have their cameras on and the moderator(s) will be unmuted. If going live in a Q&A, then the full panel should have their cameras on.


In a fully live session, a moderator will introduce a speaker and let them present live. Speakers will take turns turning on their cameras, unmuting and sharing their screen to their PPT slides when necessary. All speakers not presenting and any moderator(s) that are not involved will have their cameras off and be muted.
Sharing Slides:
Speakers who wish to present slides will “share screen” in Zoom and select their Power Point presentation.* The speaker will put their presentation on a “slide show” mode (make sure the “Presenter View” tick box is unchecked). This will be seen by the audience as a full screen slide with the speaker’s video showing at the top right-hand of the screen. The technician will test this process with any presenters prior to going live.
*If there is audio inside the presentation then the speaker will check a box to “Share computer sound” when sharing their screen from Zoom.


• All speakers and moderators will have their camera on for the Q&A portion, each may unmute themselves to speak.
• Moderators will choose questions and address these aloud to the appropriate speaker(s). If no questions are asked, the moderators should encourage participants to submit their questions and be prepared to use their own questions to facilitate discussion.
• Before leaving, please remind the audience they can continue the discussion in the Networking Hub.
*In sessions with pre-recordings the live Q&A may start slightly early or late depending on the exact length of the pre-recorded videos.


• All programming is in EST Time Zone (Eastern Standard Time – GMT -5).
• Please enter the live zoom link in the calendar invite which is set for 30 minutes prior to the start of the session.
• Write your Full Name when entering the link.
• Make sure you have closed all other programs and windows on your computer besides the Zoom as not to cause interruptions.