Program Highlights

Program Highlights

Get a sneak peek below at some of the exciting plenary sessions that will be part of the IPVC 2021 scientific program. More is coming soon.

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Successful vaccines – what’s the secret?
Prof. Mark K. Slifka, USA

Exploiting DNA damage repair by HPV
Prof. Laimonis A Laimins, USA

Immunotherapy for HPV
Dr. Sjoerd van der Burg, Netherlands

Next-generation HPV vaccines integrating biology and engineering
Dr. Robert L. Garcea, USA

HNSCC development and progression: Avenues for therapeutic development 
Dr. Jennifer R. Grandis, USA

Vaginal and anal microbiome 
Prof. Adam Burgener, USA

RRP: the paradigm for HPV immune evasion
Dr. Vincent R. Bonagura, USA

Public trust in vaccines 
Dr. Maya J. Goldenberg, Canada

Inequity in global access to health and justice
Dr. Gina Ogilvie. Canada

Global HPV vaccine supply & demand and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
Dr. Tania Cernuschi, Switzerland

Cervical cancer prevention and management as part of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care for women in sub-Saharan Africa
Dr. Peter Jay Hotez, USA

Research in HPV: past, present, and future
Dr. Eduardo Franco, Canada